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Fast Robust Moments

as.centcosumsCoerce to a centcosums object.
as.centsumsCoerce to a centsums object.
centcosum-accessor-methodsAccessor methods.
centcosumsMultivariate centered sums; join and unjoined.
centcosums-classcentcosums Class.
centcosums-concatconcatenate centcosums objects.
centcosums-unconcatunconcatenate centcosums objects.
centsumsCentered sums; join and unjoined.
centsums-accessor-methodsAccessor methods.
centsums-classcentsums Class.
centsums-concatconcatenate centsums objects.
centsums-unconcatunconcatenate centsums objects.
firstmomentsCompute first K moments
fromo-packageFast Robust Moments.
moment_conversionsConvert between different types of moments, raw, central,...
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runningadjustmentsCompare data to moments computed over a sliding window.
runningmeanCompute sums or means over a sliding window.
runningmomentsCompute first K moments over a sliding window
runningquantilesCompute approximate quantiles over a sliding window
show-methodsShow a centsums object.
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