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Express Your R Shorter

begin_plotBegin a plot
caller_name.strFinding out who called the parent function
func_wrapperDoes some wrapping
grab_grobGrabs the last drawing as a Grob and returns it (to be used...
log_debugShow the debug message
log_outputShow the output nicely
log_whereShow where you are
setting.funClosure factory for sv_set()
sv_as_factor.dataframeConverts a data.frame to a factor data.frame each var with...
sv_as_integer.dataframeConverts a data.frame to an integer data.frame
sv_corr_sig.matTest a correlation matrix for significance
sv_factor_mixaverage of the factors
sv_imputeImpute it!
sv_lassoDo all LASSO things
sv_list_to_dfConverts a list to a dataframe with 'list.element' and...
sv_meta_comparecompares two data.frames returns the variables are different...
sv_meta_variables_detailedReturns structural reports on the dataset
sv_meta_variables.dfReports each variable, its possible values, the labels of...
sv_plot_corr_matPlot correlation matrix
sv_plssemDo PLS-SEM
sv_reportageApplies a function on a dataframe, with specific response...
sv_report_clusterReports on the cluster
sv_set_scenarioKeep track of the active scenarios name and give a clojure to...
sv_settingSetup the UVON package
sv_test_and_train_setsprepares 4 datasets : train and test both in predictors and...
uv_test_and_train_setsprepares 4 datasets : train and test both in predictors and...
wrap_plot_callWraps a plotting function with required device settings
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