Man pages for shamindras/robustps
What the Package Does (One Line, Title Case)

gen_densityGenerate the required density function
gen_density_samplesGenerate specified number of samples from the required...
gen_distributionGenerate the specified distribution
generate_huber_densityGenerate the required huber density function
generate_huber_distributionGenerate the required Huber Distribution function
gen_huber_samplesGenerate specified number of samples from the required Huber...
get_conf_approxPerforms Approximate Conformal Prediction
get_known_level_setGet the level set for the given density type
get_level_setGenerate the level set for the Huber density
get_level_set_probability_massGet probability mass for the level set
get_plot_clssCreate the scatter plot of the True and...
get_robust_prediction_setGet the robust prediction set
get_split_clssGet a list of sampled dataframes of the original binary class...
get_uci_dataFunction to download and clean UCI data into a tibble
pipePipe operator
split_by_classReturns an original binary class dataframe filtered to the...
tidyevalTidy eval helpers
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