shinyrAtlantis: A package for visualising Atlantis input data

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A set of shiny applications for visualising and generating Atlantis parameterisation files.

There are two types of functions: (1) make functions that collect relevant data from Atlantis parameter files and convert them into list objects, and (2) shiny applications that take the list objects and allow the user to view the data in terms of tables and maps.

A two step approach is adopted as the list objects can take a few minutes to generate and may be stored for later repeated use.


There are four shiny applications.

sh.prm: Displays data stored in an Atlantis parameter file.

sh.init: Displays data stored in an Atlantis initial conditions file.

sh.forcings: Displays flow exhanges, salinity, and termperature data used to force an Atlantis run.

sh.dist: Generates horizontal probability distributions that can be cut-and-pasted into an Atlantis parameter file.

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