Defines functions make_connections

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#' Create a dataframe listing nodes and details of how they connect to other nodes
#' Creates a df of unique nodes and vertices combinations. For example, it might list all team members/nodes working on projects, connected via a project ID.
#' @param data Dataframe holding the information you'd like to reformat
#' @param node_col The \code{data} column containing identifiers for nodes
#' @param connect_col The \code{data} column containing the ids of objects connecting nodes, for example, project IDs, locations, mentees
#' @return A dataframe containign details of connections between nodes via 'connecting objects'.
#' @export

make_connections <- function(
) {

  data %>%
    dplyr::distinct({{node_col}}, {{connect_col}}) %>%
    dplyr::mutate(node_number = match({{node_col}}, unique({{node_col}})))
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