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There are many sources of water quality data including instruments (ex: YSI instruments) and open source data sets (ex: USGS and NDBC), all of which are susceptible to errors/inaccuracies due to drift. driftR provides a grammar for cleaning and correcting these data in a "tidy", reproducible manner.


The driftR package implements a series of equations used in Dr. Elizabeth Hasenmueller's hydrology and geochemistry research. These equations correct continuous water quality monitoring data for incremental drift that occurs over time. There are two forms of corrections included in the package - a one-point calibration and a two-point calibration. One-point and two-point calibration values are suited for different types of measurements. The package is currently written for the easiest use with YSI Sonde products.

There are four key verbs that are introduced in driftR:

Tidy Evaluation

driftR makes use of tidy evaluation and the pronoun .data, meaning that variable references may be either quoted or unquoted (i.e. bare). This also means that driftR works seamlessly with magrittr pipe operators.


Maintainer: Andrew Shaughnessy [email protected]


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