Man pages for shaunkhoo/ltaer
R Package for LTA's APIs

bus_arrivalsBus arrival timings
bus_ridership_cleanedBus ridership
bus_routesBus routes
bus_stopsBus Stops
carpark_availCarpark Availability
exploreSGMapExplore data on an interactive map of Singapore
getBusPassengerVolPassenger Volume by Bus Stop
getBusPassengerVol_odPassenger Volume by Origin/Destination Bus Stops
getBusRoutesBus Routes
getBusServicesBus Routes
getBusStopsBus Stops
getBusTimingsBus Timings
getCarparkAvailCarpark Availability
getERPRatesERP Rates
getEstTravelTimeEstimated Travel Times
getFaultyTrafficLightsFaulty Traffic Lights
getRoadOpeningsRoad Openings
getRoadWorksRoad Works
getTaxiAvailTaxi Availability
getTrafficImagesTraffic Images
getTrafficIncidentsTraffic Incidents
getTrafficSpeedBandsTraffic Speed Bands
getTrainAlertsTrain Service Alerts
getTrainPassengerVolPassenger Volume by Train Station
getTrainPassengerVol_odPassenger Volume by Origin/Destination Train Station
getVMSTraffic Speed Bands
plotSGMapPlot data on a static map of Singapore
sg_mapSingapore Map
taxi_availTaxi Availability
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