Man pages for shizidushu/RFunsInUse
R Functions in use

calc_del_ratecalculate the deletion rate for deleted order data
cal_rank_scorecalculate sku rank
common_summary_tablesummary table of mesures of location
connect_bieeConnect to biee using simon's username and password
connect_dbGenerate a function to connect to a database
connect_postgresconnect to postgres database
create_workbook_sku_imageCreate a workbook for dataframe with sku image
datatable_cnCreate an HTML table widget using the DataTables library with...
day_1_this_monthFirst day of this month
day_1_this_yearFrst day of this year
days_dfGenerate a tbl of day week month quarter semester year....
downloadfileshiny download module Server
downloadfileOutputshiny download module UI
download_image_urldownload image of the image column
fetch_biee_sqlFetch data from database
fetch_dataGenerate a function to fetch data from cache or get new data...
fix_image_linkAdd image url prefix to image column
geom_ecdf_secdf geom with prefered theme
geom_fill_bar_sfilled bar geom
geom_flip_bar_sfliped bar geom
geom_point_line_spoint line geom
geom_point_smoothpoint smooth geom with prefered theme
get_shiny_input_valuesConcatenate shiny input value into character string
kill_db_connectionskill all open connections at once
pipePipe operator
read_biee_sqlRead biee sql statements from file
redis_cache_timeGenerate a function to return the cache time of a key with...
redis_delGenerate a function to delete a key with specified connection
redis_existsGenerate a function to redis exists with specified connection
redis_getGenerate a function to redis get with specified connection
redis_setGenerate a function to redis set command with specified...
send_mailSend emails
summarise_delsummarise the deleted order data
write_excel_imageWrite dataframe with image url to excel file with image...
yisoweekget the year of iso week
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