Man pages for shommazumder/shomR
Shom's R Bonanza

ch.rowReturns vector of checkmarks
ConleySEsReturns conley SEs corrected for spatial autocorrelation
font_legend_stuffShom's Custom ggplot2 themes
format_and_save_tabReturns cluster robust first-stage f-stat from felm object
get_fstat_felmReturns cluster robust first-stage f-stat from felm object
get_rseReturns a list of robust standard errors
got_InternetChecks to see if you have an internet connection
iterateObsIterates over objects
plot_rdd_binnedRegression discontinuity raw binned scatter
rdd_robust_bwRobustness to bandwidth choice
stata_codebookMakes a stata codebook
theme_mapShom's Custom ggplot2 themes
theme_map_prettyShom's Custom ggplot2 themes
theme_shomShom's Custom ggplot2 themes
theme_shom_prettyShom's Custom ggplot2 themes
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