Man pages for shraddhapai/FunciSNP
Integrating Functional Non-coding Datasets with Genetic Association Studies to Identify Candidate Regulatory SNPs

CorrelatedSNPs-classClass '"CorrelatedSNPs"'
FunciSNPAnnotateSummaryGenomic Annotation of YAFSNPs.
FunciSNPbedCreates a BED file to view YAFSNPs in your favorite genome...
FunciSNPidsFromSummarycoming soon.
FunciSNP-packageFunctional Identification of SNPs with Phenotype by...
FunciSNPplotFunciSNPplot to visualize YAFSNP summary.
FunciSNPsummaryOverlapsSummarizes FunciSNP results by overlaps
FunciSNPtableWill output a summary report from FunciSNP at specified...
getFSNPsFunctional Identification of SNPs with Phenotype by...
TagSNP-classClass '"TagSNP"'
TSList-classClass '"TSList"'
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