Man pages for shraddhapai/IdeoViz
Plots data (continuous/discrete) along chromosomal ideogram

avgByBinAggregates data by genomic bins
binned_fullGenomeData for example 3.
binned_multiSeriesData for vignette example 1.
binned_singleSeriesData for example 2.
getIdeoDownload ideogram table from UCSC
GSM733664_broadPeaksData for vignette example 4.
hg18_ideoIdeogram table for hg18
IdeoViz-packagePlots continuous or discrete data along chromosomal ideogram
plotChromValuePairBase function which plots the ideogram and superimposed data...
plotOnIdeoPlot data superimposed on chromosomal ideogram
winsData for vignette example 1.
wins_discreteData for example 2.
wins_entiregenomeData for example 3.
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