Man pages for sigurdurthorjonsson/bionechi
Utilities for analysis of acoustic survey results.

acousticAcoustic calculations
boot_statsCompute summary stats of a bootstrap vector
dist_matCreate distance matrix between two sets of positions with...
fishDataBiological variables of 3300 capelin.
geoneighbourIDFor two sets of postions, find index of closest in second set...
glbGreatest lower bound.
lubLeast upper bound.
make_my_ageSplit a length distribution according to an age-length-key.
nearest_neighbour_distanceFor two sets of postions, find closest distance to a pos in...
pick_stock_paraAggregate numbers and biomass of selected stock components
pool_estimatesA rough gauge of the combination of repeat coverages
read_compact_tableRead BI500 Report.CompactTable
rect_within_periGiven rect code, find area or proption rect area within a...
repNASC in 0.1 nmi bins/EDSUs.
tabulate_bylaTabulate abundance by length and age with additional info on...
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