Man pages for simonfqy/rankdistext

apa_objAmerican Psychological Association (APA) election data
apa_partial_objAmerican Psychological Association (APA) election data...
DistanceBlockCalculate Kendall distance #' Calculate Kendall distance...
DistanceMatrixCalculate Kendall distance matrix between rankings
DistancePairCalculate Kendall distance between a pair of rankings #'...
GenerateExampleGenerate simple examples
GenerateExampleTopQGenerate simple examples of top-q
HashtoRankObtain Ranking from Hash Value
ModelSummaryPrint a brief summary of the fitted model Print a brief...
MomentsEstFind Initial Values of param
OrderingToRankingTransformation between Rankings and Orderings
RankControl-classRankControl Class
RankControlKendall-classRankControlKendall Class
RankControlPhiComponent-classRankControlPhiComponent Class
RankControlWeightedKendall-classRankControlWeightedKendall Class
RankData-classRankData Class
RankDistanceModelFit A Mixture of Distance-based Models
RankInit-classRankInit Class
RanktoHashCreate Hash Value for Rank
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