Man pages for simonthelwall/nicethings
Nicely formats things for printing inline in Rmarkdown documents and other nice things

ci_diff_meansConfidence interval for difference in means
clear_consoleClear the console
clear_dataframesremoves data frames from global environment
clear_vectorsremoves vectors from global environment
nice_diff_meansDifference in means
nice_estimateFormats estimates and 95% confidence intervals for nice...
nice_govuk_dateFormats dates to requirements
nice_inline_rAllows user to write examples of inline R code.
nice_loadA function to load a single object from an R data file
nice_namesFormat column names into standard format.
nice_pc_changeEasily calculate a percentage change
nice_percNicely formats percentages for printing
nice_pvalFormats p values for nice printing
nice_yearNicely print a year in a given format
pipe_nice_namesFormat variable names into standard format in a pipe.
rate_confintConfidence interval for a rate calculation
rate_differenceConfidence interval for a rate difference
se_diff_meansStandard error for difference in means
up_or_downCalculate whether there has been either an increase, decrease...
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