Man pages for sitscholl/rebecka_package
Utility functions used in the REBECKA project

aggregate_dfAggregating timeseries to various resolutions
calc_bioclimBioclimatic index calculation
calc_bioclim_dfBioclimatic index calculation
calc_bioclim_rasterBioclimatic index calculation raster
calc_bioclim_raster_oldBioclimatic index calculation
calc_rad_sum_raster_oldRadiation sum calculation
calc_saveAdds together two raster layers, saves the result under path...
check_qualityQuality check of temperature values from meteorological...
check_quality_sigmaQuality check of temperature values from meteorological...
classify_seasonClassify a datetime sequence into seasons
complete_dateseqFill up missing dates with NA values
detect_datecolIdentifying column index or name in Date or POSIXct format
extract.rasterExtracting values from raster(s) at point locations
fit_linear_model_groupsLinear model fitting on subgroups of data
fit_modelLinear model fitting on a dataframe
fit_model2Linear model fitting with optional best subset selection,...
get_index_paramsDefault index parameters
get_model_performanceExtract model statistics from model object
huglin_all_stationsDataFrame with the huglin index of the meteorological...
knt_borderSpatialPolygonDataFrame with the border of Carinthia
list_csvListing csv files in a folder
list_rastersListing raster tiffs in a folder
list_shpListing shapefiles in a folder
multispreadSpread multiple columns
plot_linregScatterplot with linear regression line and formula
predict_savePredict to a raster layer, save it and return the path...
remove_outliersRemove outliers from a vector based on sigma test or...
response_to_dfTransform response from pessl-api into a dataframe
station_csvDataFrame with metadata of the meteorological stations used...
station_spSpatialPointsDataFrame with the location of the...
st_borderSpatialPolygonDataFrame with the border of South Tyrol
vector_to_dfOpen all the files and append rows to a single df
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