Man pages for sivasunku/evalStrats
Apply rules on equities

addElderPlots the elder ray similar to the volume chart (histograms...
barsBars - Functions related to all the bars/candles
bullbearstrengthCalculate the bull/bear strength of a given xts OHLC
constantsAll the constants required within the rulesNtrades package
efficiencyRatioCalculate the efficiencyRatio
elasticityCalculate the elders Ray of given OHLCV
elderRayCalculate the elders Ray of given OHLCV
flowCalculate the flow and returns the
flowDexCalculates the sum/mean of flow and returns the value
pivotsCalculate the various pivots
revapplyThis will apply higher interval values to lower inverval...
slopeCalculate the slope of given n points
velocityCalculates the velocity & acceleration in a given n points.
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