Man pages for sivasunku/rulesNtrades
Apply rules on equities

backtestbacktest the given strategies & provide the The difference...
backtestV2backtestV2 the given strategies & provide the The difference...
calcLimitscalcLimits for the given position Calculates the...
constantsAll the constants required within the rulesNtrades package
drawdownsCalculate the drawdowns in a series of profit
graphgraph - plot the graph into a given pdf
longEntrySampleThe sample programs for...
make.blottermake.blotter - Add all the transactions to a blotter package
portfolioCreate, Delete and Update a Portfolio
positionposition create an empty position Object
reinvestreinvest - reinvested trades
statsStatistics of all the trades
tradeparmsTrading parameters
tradesTrades in a portfolio
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