Man pages for sjPlot/devel
Data Visualization for Statistics in Social Science

dist_chisqPlot chi-squared distributions
dist_fPlot F distributions
dist_normPlot normal distributions
dist_tPlot t-distributions
efcSample dataset from the EUROFAMCARE project
plot_gridArrange list of plots as grid
plot_modelPlot regression models
plot_modelsForest plot of multiple regression models
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
save_plotSave ggplot-figure for print publication
set_themeSet global theme options for sjp-functions
sjc.clusterCompute hierarchical or kmeans cluster analysis
sjc.dendCompute hierarchical cluster analysis and visualize group...
sjc.elbowCompute elbow values of a k-means cluster analysis
sjc.grpdiscCompute a linear discriminant analysis on classified cluster...
sjc.kgapCompute gap statistics for k-means-cluster
sjc.qclusCompute quick cluster analysis
sjp.aov1Plot One-Way-Anova tables
sjp.chi2Plot Pearson's Chi2-Test of multiple contingency tables
sjp.corrPlot correlation matrix
sjp.faPlot FA results
sjp.frqPlot frequencies of variables
sjp.glmPlot estimates, predictions or effects of generalized linear...
sjp.glmerPlot estimates, predictions or effects of generalized linear...
sjp.gptPlot grouped proportional tables
sjp.grpfrqPlot grouped or stacked frequencies
sjp.intPlot interaction effects of (generalized) linear (mixed)...
sjp.kfold_cvPlot model fit from k-fold cross-validation
sjp.likertPlot likert scales as centered stacked bars
sjp.lmPlot estimates, predictions or effects of linear models
sjp.lmerPlot estimates, predictions or effects of linear mixed...
sjplotWrapper to create plots and tables within a pipe-workflow
sjPlot-packageData Visualization for Statistics in Social Science
sjPlot-themesModify plot appearance
sjp.pcaPlot PCA results
sjp.polyPlot polynomials for (generalized) linear regression
sjp.residPlot predicted values and their residuals
sjp.scatterPlot (grouped) scatter plots
sjp.stackfrqPlot stacked proportional bars
sjp.xtabPlot contingency tables
sjt.corrSummary of correlations as HTML table
sjt.faSummary of factor analysis as HTML table
sjt.frqSummary of frequencies as HTML table
sjt.glmSummary of generalized linear models as HTML table
sjt.glmerSummary of generalized linear mixed models as HTML table
sjt.grpmeanDeprecated functions
sjt.itemanalysisSummary of item analysis of an item scale as HTML table
sjt.lmSummary of linear regression as HTML table
sjt.lmerSummary of linear mixed effects models as HTML table
sjt.pcaSummary of principal component analysis as HTML table
sjt.stackfrqSummary of stacked frequencies as HTML table
sjt.xtabSummary of contingency tables as HTML table
tab_dfPrint data frames as HTML table.
tab_modelPrint regression models to HTML table
view_dfView structure of labelled data frames
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