Man pages for sjewo/readstata13
Import 'Stata' Data Files

as.caldaysConvert Stata business calendar dates in readable dates.
get.labelGet Stata Label Table for a Label Set
get.label.nameGet Names of Stata Label Set
get.label.tablesGet all Stata Label Sets for a Data.frame
get.langShow Default Label Language
get.origin.codesGet Origin Code Numbers for Factors
maxcharCheck max char length of data.frame vectors
read.dta13Read Stata Binary Files
readstata13Import Stata Data Files
save.dta13Write Stata Binary Files
saveToExportCheck if numeric vector can be expressed as integer vector
set.labelAssign Stata Labels to a Variable
set.langAssign Stata Language Labels
stbcalParse Stata business calendar files
varlabelGet and assign Stata Variable Labels
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