Man pages for skaltman/yvw
Helpful Functions for YVW Study

between_condition_correctGet between condition stats for correctness data
between_condition_flipGet between condition stats for flip data
between_condition_helpfulGet between condition stats for helpfulness data
between_condition_responseGet between conditions stats for first response data
between_condition_statsReturns a tibble summarizing the results of a between...
format_dataFormat choice data
format_for_between_statsCreate a tibble with the number and percentage of children in...
format_for_within_statsHelper function that formats data for binomial tests
format_sr_dataFormat social referencing data
get_binom_p_valueReturns p-value from a binomial test
get_fishers_p_valueGet a p-value from a Fisher's exact test
get_num_excludedCreate a tibble with counts of excluded kids for different...
get_percentage_femaleCalculate the percentage of female participants
get_summ_statCalculate the mean or standard deviation of a variable in a...
summary_tibbleCreate a tibble various summary statistics (mean and sd ages;...
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