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Function to clip spatial (or raster) objects by a rectangular envelope or a spatial polygon.


sp_clip uses raster::crop by default if an envelope is used rather than rgeos::gIntersection because the crop method can keep the data slot in the spatial object intact (at times).


sp_clip(sp, envelope, sp_polygon = NULL, method = "raster")

sp_crop(sp, envelope, sp_polygon = NULL, method = "raster")

ra_crop(sp, envelope, sp_polygon = NULL, method = "raster")



Spatial object to be clipped.


A vector with the length of 4 containing the extent of the envelope to be used as a bounding box. The order is: xmin, xmax, ymin, ymax. Watch out when using latitude and longitude, the order is longitude, longitude, then latitude, latitude. These coordinates need to be in the same projection as sp.


A spatial polygon to use to clip sp. The projection systems of sp and sp_polygon must be identical. If this argument is used, the method argument will not be used.


What method to use? Default is to use raster::crop but rgeos::gIntersection could be used if preferred. method can be "raster" or "rgeos"


If a spatial polygon is supplied, the rgeos::gIntersection method will be used.


Stuart K. Grange

See Also

sp_filter, sp_intersect


## Not run: 

# Clip a spatial lines object which contains roads in Saudi Arabia

# Build envelope
envelope <- c(23.830562, 25.584393, 45.200111, 47.311495)

# Clip spatial lines
sp_road_clip <- sp_clip(sp_roads, envelope)

# Or use a polygon to clip a road network
sp_roads_clipped <- sp_clip(sp_roads_main, sp_gibraltar_peninsula)

## End(Not run)

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