Man pages for skirmer/skpack
Personal package of functions I use regularly.

balance_fnBalance Test Table Production
causal_forest_plotsCausal Forest Plotting
ftest_fnF Test Function
itt_for_klingBasic Kling Model Function
itt_for_kling_p3Kling Model with Three Participation Variables
itt_for_kling_p4Kling Model with Two Grouping Variables
itt_for_kling_p6Kling Model with Two Grouping Variables, Instrumenting Var 2
itt_tot_modelITT and TOT Model Function
looping_cv_shellGBM Cross Validation Function
looping_gbm_shellGBM Modeling Function
model_table_styleProduce ITT and TOT tables in Crime Lab style.
permtest_multiplePermutation Test Function
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