Man pages for skranz/bbsvg
Create svg graphs for typical blackboard figures that illustrate economic models

draw.geomDraw a geom
draw.geomsDraw a list of geoms
EconCurves-packageWhat the package does (short line) ~~ package title ~~
geom.curves.intersectionsFind the intersections of two curves, which are characterized... relative position (above, below, left, right) of a geom...
init.paneInitilize a pane
init.yaml.paneInitialize a pane specified with yaml code an abstract geometrical object to a geom
plot.curveplot a single curve in a pane
plot.panePlot a pane relative position (above, below, left, right) of a point...
two.point.lines.intersectionsintersection of two geoms that are characterized by two...
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