Man pages for skranz/codeUtils
Helper functions for parsing and classifying R code. Useful for domain specific languages.

call.sizeFind the number of functions and variables (counting...
codeUtils-packageWhat the package does (short line) ~~ package title ~~
count.variablesCount all variables appeareances of each variable in a call...
extract.var.with.indexextracts from a call expression its variable and its index
find.funsFind all function calls from a call or expression object all globale variables in a function
find.multiple.variablesFind all variables from a call or expression object. If a...
find.variablesFind all variables from a call or expression object
get.lhsget lhs of an assignment
get.rhsget rhs of an assignment
is.assignmentcheck if a call is an assignment
make.callCreates a call with name name and arguments in arg.list
recursively.replaceRecursively replace elements of a call or list
strip.parenthesesstrip a call object from outer parentheses
substitute.callsubstitutes in a call object x (works like substitute2 in...
subst.varSubstitute a variable or a symbol in the expression by subs
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