Man pages for skranz/dplyrExtras
extra functionality for dplyr like mutate_rows for mutation of a subset of rows

modifyIn place modification of data tables
mutate_ifmutate selected rows
mutate_rowsmutate selected rows
remove_colsInplace remove columns from a data.table
s_arrangeModified version of dplyr's arrange that uses string...
s_filterModified version of dplyr's filter that uses string arguments
s_group_byModified version of dplyr's group_by that uses string...
s_modifyModified version of modify that uses string arguments
s_mutateModified version of dplyr's mutate that uses string arguments
s_mutate_ifModified version of mutate_if that uses string arguments
s_selectModified version of dplyr's select that uses string arguments
s_summariseModified version of summarise that uses string arguments
xsummarise_eachextended version of summarise_each that allows alternative...
xsummarise_each_extended version of summarise_each_q that allows alternative...
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