Man pages for skranz/rmdtools
Tools for RMarkdown

adapt.hf.blocksAdapt header and footer of if blocks for output format and...
adapt.if.blocksAdapt header and footer of if blocks for output format and...
add.code.uiAdd code button with div to an ui a Rmd chunk header line from a list of arguments
cat.rmd.paramsScan all used block and whisker parameters in an .rmd file...
cat.whisker.paramscat.whisker params a chunk header to a list of its option
compile.rmdMain function to compile rmd to html a knitr chunk in the same way as a whisker (taking... all knitr chunks in the same way as a whisker (taking...
eval.placeholderEvaluate a placeholder and return its value
eval.placeholdersEvaluate placeholders in compiled rmd all given types of rmd blocks whiskers and replace them in the text blocks that have only a starting line of the form
find.rmd.blocksFind all rmd blocks that start with a line '#< ...' and end...
find.rmd.chunksFind the start and end lines of all rmd chunks
find.rmd.nestedfind blocks, chunks and dot blocks and add nesting info
get.levels.parentsFind the parent index of each row given a vector levels that... the parent index of each row given a vector levels that...
get.start.end.levelsFind the levels given ordered start and end positions of...
get.types.indsGets for each element the index of its type
hideShowButtonA button that toogles whether content in a div is displayed...
html.tableown function to print a compact html table from a data frame...
html.templateVariant of htmltools::htmlTemplate
import.yamlA more convenient yaml importer
inline.dependenciesInline dependencies with local file references
inline.dependencyInline a dependency with local file references
knit.chunkKnits the rmd txt inside a temporary directory instead of the...
knit.rmdKnits the rmd txt the rmd txt inside a temporary directory instead of the...
make.chunk.infoParse a n rmd chunk and store info in a list
make.placeholder.infoMake a info for a placeholder object
make.whisker.infoParse a whisker and create meta info
mark_utf8Recursively encode strings in list as UTF-8
md2htmlOwn markdown to html converter that interfaces commonmark
normalize.idNormalize an id to letters that are allowed
parse.arg.strParse an arg.str as list
parse.block.argsParse the name of an rmd block
parse.chunk.argsParse the name of a knitr chunk and its arguments
parse.chunk.namesTake a vector of chunk header lines and returns the chunk...
parse.hashdot.yamlParse a hashdot yaml string
paste.whiskersSubtitutes whiskers and pastes string parts together
print.yamlPrints list read from a yaml file
random.stringCreate n random strings of length nchar each a text file and convert to UTF-8
readUtf8Read a text file that was saved in UTF-8 format
read.yamlReads a yaml file and returns as a list
remove.quotesRemove quotes from strings
remove.rmd.chunksRemoves the rmd chunks with the given chunk names from rmd...
render.compiled.rmdRender a compiled rmd a list of dependencies as a list of singleton head... with RMarkdown::render the rmd txt inside a temporary...
render.valueRender a value in a format specified by out.type
replace.if.blocksextract #< if blocks from a rmd txt
replace.whiskersreplace whiskers using a list of values, with several options
reverse.whisker.placeholdersReverses whisker placeholders by their original whiskers
rmd.between.start.end.linesExtract rmd txt between start.line and end.line tag blocks with placeholderss of the form id chunks with placeholderss of the form id whiskers with placeholders of the form id
scLike paste0 but returns an empty vector if some string is...
simple.html.pageA simple html page a text vector into different blocks by a start line... data.frame printer as nice HTML table with several...
view.htmlView an extended rmd file
view.rmdView an extended rmd file
whisker_printPrint a whisker object
whisker_print.defaultNeed to implement different methods
writeUtf8Write text file in UTF-8 format
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