Man pages for skranz/shinyEventsUI
Some shiny widgets that only work with shinyEvents

contextMenuHeaderHeader for jqueryContextMenu
fancytreeHeaderHeader for fancytree
handsontableHeaderHeader for jqueryContextMenu
helloHello, World!
hidden_divA div that is by default not shown
jqueryLayoutHeaderA jqueryLayoutPage
jqueryLayoutPageA jqueryLayoutPage
jqueryLayoutPanesA jqueryLayoutPage
nestedSelectorNested select menus that show associated div elements
nestedSelectorHandlerAdd a change handler to a nested selector
radioBtnGroupA button group that acts like a radio button group
radioBtnGroupHandlerAdd change hangdler to a radio button group
resizeLayoutResize a jqueryLayout. May be useful if inner html has been...
timedMessageshow a message in some outputUI for duration of millis...
uiContextMenuHeaderHeader for jqueryContextMenu
updateRadioBtnGroupChange selected button of a radion button group
w2headerHeader for w2ui widgets
w2sidebarSidebar. See w2ui docs
w2tabsTabs. See w2ui docs
w2tabs.addAdd a w2ui tab
w2tabs.closeClose a w2ui tab
w2toolbarToolbar or menubar. See w2ui docs
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