Man pages for slin30/wzMisc
Miscellaneous functions by WZ

append_combnAppend a combination of head and tail elements to x
cas_checkCheck CAS format and checksum
cas_checkSumCheck CAS RN validity via checksum method
cas_detectDetect if something is (likely) a validly formatted CAS RN
cas_randGenerate random validly formatted CAS RNs
check_issnCheck ISSN validity
cols_classCreate function(s) to identify column by class
count_sigfigsCount number significant figures
ctime_filtFilter files by c/m/atime
fix_tbl_namesClean column names from a data.frame or chr vector
ftp_listDirList files and/or directories within an ftp endpoint
ftp_makeParamsConstruct params to interact with an FTP endpoint
ftp_parseMetaParse ftp return from getURL call with no options
getFunExtract a function by name with or without namespace prefix
hashIDfunGenerate a function that calculates a hash from one or more...
make_chr_logiCoerce one or more values in a character vector to logical...
make_chunksCreate n chunks from a vector
make_ref_uniqueMake a lookup vector consisting of unique elements after...
match_xs_ysCollapse multiple possible matches between two data.tables
mode_statMode (as in statistical 'mode') function
norm_trailing_slashHandle trailing (and optionally, leading) slashes
profile_tableHigh-level column statistics for data.frames
recur_uniqueRecursively uniquify a list of vectors from left (top) to...
remove_ifall_colsRemove all columns that match one or more critieria
reverse_lookupSwap key-value in lookup vector
rgb_brightnessCalculate the perceived brightness of an rgb color matrix
sevenzip_checkpathWINDOWS ONLY - Check if 7zip is on your system path
sevenzip_listcontList 7-zip file contents
sevenzip_makecmdCreate commands to perform system calls with 7-zip
sevenzip_parseinfoParse key metadata from common 7-zip archives
split_fillSplit and fill a chr vector
str_normString normalize-transform
unescape_markupClean up xml or html markup tags and formatting
with_argsRun FUN and capture args
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