Man pages for slonik-az/LRutil
Useful utilities by Leo Razoumov.

convert_cols.dtbApply convertion functions to multiple columns of a...
fread.dtbdata.table::fread variant that reads compressed files.
helloHello World function
is.nafReturn (scalar or vector) TRUE if elements of its arg are NA...
LR.find_fileFind files by regex pattern.
LR.install.packagesWrapper around 'install.packages' to install tests by...
LR.list_package_dirsLR.list_package_dirs list all the directories of the...
LR.list_package_filesLR.list_package_files List all file in an installed package.
LR.prj_pathDiscover standard LR project directory hierarchy.
LR.prj_rootFind the project root
LR.prj_skeletonCreate standard project skeleton sub-directores
LRutilLRutil: useful utilities by Leo Razoumov
setnames.dtbConveniently set column names of a data.table.
std_colnamesStandardize column names to contain only low-case...
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