Man pages for smacintyreR/MALDIHDX
Suite of functions for the processing and analysis of MALDI HDX experiments

AllRegressionPlotsAll regression plots for a full HDX/DHX experiment
AvCentAverage Centroid Calculation
AverageCentsAverage centroids for a complete HDX/DHX experiment
centroidCalcCentroid calculation
centroidPlotCentroid plotting function
import.identificationsImports Scaffold file for peptide identification
importNewImport Spectra function
linearInterpLinear Interpolation Function
linearsolveLinear Equation Solver
LinIntersectLinear intersection
LogIntersectLogarithmic intersection
mainCentMergeCentroid calculation and uptakes for a complete peptide
mainCentNewModCentroid relative uptakes calculation and export for a single...
manualCentroids2Manual Peak Selection
peakPickPeak Picking Function
PlotDHAllAll regression plots for a single peptide
PlotDHLinearLinear regression and plotting
PlotDHLogLogarithmic regression and plotting
PlotDHPoly2Polynomial (order 2) regression and plotting
plotLinLinear Interpolation Plotting Function
plotUptakeCentroid plotting function
plotWidthWidth plotting function
PolyIntersectPolynomial intersection
RecursAppendRecursive Appending Function
widthFinderPeak width calculation
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