Man pages for smithjd/sqlpetr
Companion Package for R-Docker-Databases Book

sp_check_that_docker_is_upCheck that docker is running
sp_color_markdown_textColor subsequent text in a specified color
sp_docker_buildBuild a Docker image
sp_docker_containers_tibbleList containers into a tibble
sp_docker_images_tibbleList images into a tibble
sp_docker_network_createCreate a Docker network
sp_docker_networks_tibbleList networks into a tibble
sp_docker_remove_containerForcibly remove a container
sp_docker_remove_imageForcibly remove an image
sp_docker_runRun a Docker image
sp_docker_startStart an existing container
sp_docker_stopStop an existing container
sp_fetch_dvdrental_autodocFetch 'dvdrental' autodoc
sp_get_dbms_data_dictionaryDownload a table from the dbms and create a data dictionary...
sp_get_fivenumsumCalculate a 5 number summary (for all types of variables)
sp_get_postgres_connectionConnect to a PostgreSQL database
sp_make_data_dictionaryRun sp_get_fivenumsum on all variables in a data frame
sp_make_dvdrental_imageMake 'dvdrental' Docker image
sp_make_simple_pgMake simple PostgreSQL container
sp_pg_catalogFetch a PostgreSQL database catalog
sp_pg_close_connectionNotify observer and close connection
sp_pg_docker_runRun a PostgreSQL Docker image in a container
sp_print_dfShow (print) a data frame depending on appropriate output...
sp_show_all_docker_containersCheck that docker is running
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