Man pages for snandi/RFunctionsSN
Simple R utility functions for convenience

colMaxMax of each column
colMinMin of each column
colSDStandard deviation of each column
colSEStandard Error of mean of columns
colVarVariance of each column
get_pValue_lmGet p-value from 'lm'
inRangeChecks if x is inside a range or not
lastLast element of a vector or list
modeMode of a vector NAs to "x" in a vector NAs to Zero in a vector
normalizeMatrixNormalize each column a matrix
normalizeMatrixWithRowSDNormalize columns of a matrix by rowSD
normalize_vectorNormalize a vector
notinOpposite of '%in%'
pctChangeReturns percentage change between two numbers
rowMaxMax of each row
rowMinMin of each row
rowSDStandard deviation of each row
rowSEStandard Error of mean of rows
rowVarVariance of each row
sampleColumnsReturns a subset of data-frame or matrix
sampleRowsReturns a subset of data-frame or matrix
truncate_vectorTruncate a vector on one/both sides
withoutReturn the elements of x not in y
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