Man pages for snarles/introStatML
Introduction to statistics and machine learning

abpolyPlot polynomial a + b * x + c * x^2 + d * x^3
blackbox01An unknown discrete distribution
blackbox01_hiddenAn unknown discrete distribution
coin_flipsSimulates independent coin flips
data_splitSplit a data frame into training a test sets
dice_rollsSimulates independent dice rolls
ma_unifMoving average for uniformly spaced data
ma_unif_filtMoving average for uniformly spaced data but with filter
plot_discrete_distributionVisualize a discrete distribution
possibly_unfair_die1An unknown discrete distribution
possibly_unfair_die1_hiddenAn unknown discrete distribution
possibly_unfair_die2An unknown discrete distribution
possibly_unfair_die2_hiddenAn unknown discrete distribution
rbernoulliRandom bernoulli trials
roll_dataGet data from 2014 house of representatives and print...
runExampleRuns shiny example
sample_rowsSamples rows from a table
taste_test_tsTime series data for taste test
taste_test_ts_hiddenTime series data for taste test
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