Man pages for sndmrc/BasketAnalyzeR
Tools for the analysis of basketball data

assistnetCalculate table of assists and some useful player statistics
barlineCreate a graph with a barplot and a line plot
bubbleplotCreate a bubble plot
corranalysisCorrelation analysis
CreateRadialPlotR function CreateRadialPlot by William D. Vickers, freely...
densityplotShot density plot
drawNBAcourtAdd lines of NBA court to an existing ggplot2 plot
expectedptsPlot expected points of player shots as a function of the...
fourfactorsCalculates possession, pace, ratings, and Four Factors
hclusteringHierarchical clustering of NBA teams
inequalityInequality analysis
is.assistnetReports whether x is a networkdata object
is.corranalysisReports whether x is a corr.analysis object
is.fourfactorsReports whether x is a fourfactors object
is.hclusteringFunctions to check if an object is of class 'hclustering'.
is.inequalityFunctions to check if an object is of class 'inequality'.
is.kclusteringFunctions to check if an object is of class 'kclustering'.
is.MDSmapFunctions to check if an object is of class 'MDSmap'.
is.simpleregReports whether x is a simplereg object
is.variabilityFunctions to check if an object is of class 'variability'.
kclusteringk-means clustering of NBA teams
MDSmapCreate some two-dimensional plots for multidimensional...
OboxOpponents box scores dataset - NBA 2017-2018
PboxPlayers box scores dataset - NBA 2017-2018
PbP.BDBPlay-by-play dataset - NBA 2017-2018
PbPmanipulationManipulate play-by-play (PbP) dataset
plot.assistnetCreate a network plot
plot.corranalysisPlot inequality
plot.fourfactorsPlot possession, pace, ratings, and Four Factors
plot.hclusteringPlot hierarchical clustering of NBA teams
plot.inequalityPlot inequality
plot.kclusteringPlot k-means clustering of NBA teams
plot.MDSmapDraw some two-dimensional plots for multidimensional scaling...
plot.simpleregPlot simple regression
plot.variabilityPlot variability
radialprofilePlot radial plot for player profiles
scatterplotScatter plot and matrix of scatter plot
scoringprobScoring probability plot
shotchartPlot shortcharts
simpleregSimple regression
TaddTadd dataset - NBA 2017-2018
TboxTeams box scores dataset - NBA 2017-2018
variabilityVariability analysis
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