11_example: Small example datasets

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These datasets are small for test operations and functions in complex and double precision/matrices.


Each dataset contains information where it is from and two matrices in pair of (A,B) or single matrix (A) for testing functions qz.* or related functions, either in complex or in double precision.


The example datasets are

Examples Source
exAB1 http://www.nag.com/lapack-ex/node124.html
exAB2 http://www.nag.com/lapack-ex/node119.html
exAB3 http://www.nag.com/numeric/fl/nagdoc_fl23/xhtml/F08/f08yuf.xml
exAB4 http://www.nag.com/numeric/fl/nagdoc_fl23/xhtml/F08/f08ygf.xml
exA1 http://www.nag.com/lapack-ex/node94.html
exA2 http://www.nag.com/lapack-ex/node89.html
exA3 http://www.nag.com/numeric/fl/nagdoc_fl23/xhtml/F08/f08quf.xml
exA4 http://www.nag.com/numeric/fl/nagdoc_fl22/xhtml/F08/f08qgf.xml

The elements of dataset are (if any)

Elements Usage
description the source of data
A the first matrix A
B the second matrix B
S the Shur form
T the Shur form
Q the left Shur vectors
Z the right Shur vectors


Wei-Chen Chen [email protected]


Anderson, E., et al. (1999) LAPACK User's Guide, 3rd edition, SIAM, Philadelphia.


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