Man pages for softloud/dontpanic
Coding Equivalent of a Towel.

calculate_pom_goalcalculate number of poms
dist_nameR to name
dontpanicCoding equivalent of a towel.
dumpsterfire_progressVisualise thesis chapter progress
gs_read_allRead all worksheets
knittify_latexknittify latex col
lappy486_printPrint all files in a folder on lappy486
lifesworksTable layout for lifeswork functions.
measures_gs_keyGooglesheets key for measures sheets
mosaic_intensityMosaic plot of workload
nomenclaturelifeswork nomenclature
pipePipe operator
print_filePrint file
quavermusical notation shortcuts for output in .Rmd; use as in-line...
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
timetracker_pathtimetracker data
title_dateFormat Date for .RPres
today_dateReturn date in language I'm trying to learn right now
today_rethinking_exRandomly assign an exercise from statistical rethinking
wrangle_measureswrangle measured. data
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