Man pages for soichiroy/orddid
Difference-in-Differences Design for Ordinal Outcome

block_sampleBlock re-sampling for block bootstrap
block_unit_sampleUnit level block bootstrap
calc_thresholdSelecting the equivalence threshold
count_njCounting category selections by groups
create_group_dummyCreate a group indicator The same-length condition is already...
dat_block_boothelper function for the loss computation
equivalence_testConduct an equivalence test of the distributional parallel...
fit_ord_probitProbit Regression
fit_ord_probit_grProbit regression with group dummies
gun_threewaveThree-wave panel from Barney and Schaffner (2019)
gun_twowaveTwo-wave panel from Barney and Schaffner (2019)
log_like_probitLog-likelihood Function
log_like_probit_groupLog-likelihood Function
ord_didOrdinal Difference-in-Differences for Panel Data
ord_did_bootBootstrap function
ord_did_check_inputInput check for 'ord_did'.
orddid-packageDifference-in-Differences for Ordinal Outcomes
ord_did_runParameter Estimation for the Counterfactual Outcome
ord_did_run_check_inputInput check for 'ord_did_run'.
ord_probit_check_catInput check for 'fit_ord_probit'.
plot.orddid.testVisualizing the result of equivalence_test()
qdCompute qd(v)
summarise_equivalence_testSummarise function for equivalence_test()
summarise_ord_didSummarise function for ord_did()
summary.orddidGet summaries of ord_did() and equivalence_test() objects.
tv_gradientCompute gradient of t(v; theta)
tv_maxCompute tvmax
zdCompute zd(v)
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