Man pages for soodoku/abbyyR
Access to Abbyy Optical Character Recognition (OCR) API

abbyy_checkRequest Response Verification
abbyy_GETBase POST AND GET functions. Not exported.
abbyyR-packageabbyyR: R Client for the Abbyy Cloud OCR
deleteTaskDelete Task
getAppInfoGet Application Info
getResultsGet Results
getTaskStatusGet Task Status
listFinishedTasksList Finished Tasks
listTasksList Tasks
ocrFileOCR File
processBarcodeFieldProcess Bar Code Field
processBusinessCardProcess Business Card
processDocumentProcess Document
processFieldsProcess Fields
processImageProcess Image
processMRZProcess MRZ: Extract data from Machine Readable Zone
processPhotoIdProcess Photo ID
processRemoteImageProcess Remote Image
processTextFieldProcess Text Field
setappSets Application ID and Password
submitImageSubmit Image
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