Man pages for spatstat/spatstat.sphere
Point patterns on the Sphere

area.s2regionArea of s2region coordinates of a spherical point pattern into a...
as.s2cellidCoerce multiple inputs to a s2cellid vector
as.s2ppConvert data to class s2pp
coords.s2ppExtract coordinates of a point pattern on a sphere
iplot.s2polygonPlot a spherical polygon on an interactive sphere With...
iplot.s2ppPlot a spherical point pattern on an interactive sphere with...
plot.s2polygonPlot the outline of a spherical polygon
plot.s2ppPlot a spherical point pattern
print.s2cellidPrint object of class s2cellid
print.s2indexPrint object of class s2index
print.s2pointPrint object of class s2point
print.s2ppPrint object of class s2pp
print.s2regionPrint object of class s2region
s2Generate a sphere
s2capDefine spherical cap
s2cellMake a list of s2cells
s2cellidMake s2cellids from points on the sphere
s2cellstringRetreive string representation of a s2cell
s2containsTest whether points are inside s2region
s2coordsExtract Coordinates of a Point Pattern on a Sphere
s2coveringApproximate a region on the sphere by a covering of s2cells
s2distDistance on sphere
s2earthSphere approximating earth
s2GestG-function for spherical point pattern
s2indexMake s2index for points on the sphere (beta version)
s2intersectIntersection or union of two spherical regions
s2KestK-function for spherical point pattern
s2levelExtract s2 cell level from data
s2lonlatboxGeneric function to extract or construct a box in longitude...
s2lookupLook up IDs in a given s2index (beta version)
s2looplistCreate a list of loops on the sphere
s2placeConvert place name to location on sphere
s2pngStart PNG plotting device for spherical objects
s2pointSingle point on the (unit) sphere
s2polygonCreate a s2polygon
s2ppSpherical point pattern
s2radiusRadius of sphere
s2regionExtract spherical region
s2runifGenerate uniform random points on sphere
spatstat.spherePackage documentation for spatstat.sphere
sub-.s2ppExtract a subset of a point pattern on a sphere.
superimpose.s2ppSuperimpose several point patterns on the sphere
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