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Financial and Actuarial Mathematics for Life Contingencies

accumulatedValueFunction to evaluate the accumulated value.
actuarialtable-classClass '"actuarialtable"'
AExnFunction to evaluate the n-year endowment insurance
annuityAnnuity function
axnAnnuity immediate and due function.
axn_1Function to evaluate life insurance.
axynFunctions to evaluate life insurance and annuities on two...
DAxnDecreasing life insurance
de_angelis_di_falcoItalian Health Insurance Data
decreasingAnnuityFunction to evaluate decreasing annuities.
demoCanadaCanada Mortality Rates for UP94 Series
demoChinaChina Mortality Rates for life table construction
demoFranceFrench population life tables
demoGermanyGerman population life tables
demoItaItalian population life tables for males and females
demoJapanJapan Mortality Rates for life table construction
demoUkUK life tables
demoUsaUnited States Social Security life tables
discount-interestFunctions to switch from interest to discount rates
durationFunctions to evaluate duration and convexity
exnExpected residual life.
getDecrementsFunction to return the decrements defined in the mdt class
getLifeContingenciesFunctions to obtain the present value of a life contingency...
getOmegaFunction to return the terminal age of a life table.
IAxnIncreasing life insurance
Iaxn_1Increasing annuity life contingencies
increasingAnnuityIncreasing annuity.
intensity-interestFunctions to switch from interest to intensity and vice...
IsnFunction to calculated accumulated increasing annuity future...
lifecontingencies-packagePackage to perform actuarial mathematics on life...
lifetable-classClass '"lifetable"'
mdt-classClass '"mdt"'
multidecrinsMultiple decrement life insurance
Multiple-life-insurancesMultiple lifes insurances and annuities
multiple-life-probabilitiesFunctions to deals with multiple life models
mx2qxMortality rates to Death probabilities
mxtCentral mortality rate
nominal-real-convertibleFunctions to switch from nominal / effective / convertible...
other-demographic-functionsVarious demographic functions
presentValuePresent value of a series of cash flows.
probs2lifetableLife table from probabilities
pureendowmentFunction to evaluate the pure endowment
pxtFunctions to evaluate survival, death probabilities and...
pxytFunctions to evaluate joint survival probabilities.
qx2mxDeath Probabilities to Mortality Rates Associated single decrement from absolute rate of...
rLifeContingenciesFunction to generate samples from the life contingencies...
rLifesFunction to generate random future lifetimes
rmdtSimulate from a multiple decrement table
soa08Society of Actuaries Illustrative Life Table object.
soa08ActSociety of Actuaries Illustrative Life Table with interest...
soaIllustrativeServiceTableSoA illustrative service table
soaLtSociety of Actuaries life table
UkLifeTablesUk AM AF 92 life tables
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