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Easy Handling Discrete Time Markov Chains

absorptionProbabilitiesAbsorption probabilities
blandenMobility between income quartiles
committorABCalculates committor of a markovchain object with respect to...
conditionalDistribution'conditionalDistribution' of a Markov Chain
craigsendiCD4 cells counts on HIV Infects between zero and six month
ctmc-classContinuous time Markov Chains class
ctmcFitFunction to fit a CTMC
expectedRewardsExpected Rewards for a markovchain
expectedRewardsBeforeHittingAExpected first passage Rewards for a set of states in a...
ExpectedTimeReturns expected hitting time from state i to state j
firstPassageFirst passage across states
firstPassageMultiplefunction to calculate first passage probabilities
fitHigherOrderFunctions to fit a higher order Markov chain
fitHighOrderMultivarMCFunction to fit Higher Order Multivariate Markov chain
freq2GeneratorReturns a generator matrix corresponding to frequency matrix
generatorToTransitionMatrixFunction to obtain the transition matrix from the generator
getNameMethod to retrieve name of markovchain object
HigherOrderMarkovChain-classHigher order Markov Chains class
hittingProbabilitiesHitting probabilities for markovchain
holsonHolson data set
hommc-classAn S4 class for representing High Order Multivariate...
hommc-showFunction to display the details of hommc object
ictmc-classAn S4 class for representing Imprecise Continuous Time...
impreciseProbabilityatTCalculating full conditional probability using lower rate...
inferHyperparamFunction to infer the hyperparameters for Bayesian inference...
is.accessibleVerify if a state j is reachable from state i.
is.CTMCirreducibleCheck if CTMC is irreducible
is.irreducibleFunction to check if a Markov chain is irreducible (i.e....
is.regularCheck if a DTMC is regular
is.TimeReversiblechecks if ctmc object is time reversible
kullbackExample from Kullback and Kupperman Tests for Contingency...
markovchainEasy Handling Discrete Time Markov Chains
markovchain-classMarkov Chain class
markovchainFitFunction to fit a discrete Markov chain
markovchainList-classNon homogeneus discrete time Markov Chains class
markovchainSequenceFunction to generate a sequence of states from homogeneous...
meanAbsorptionTimeMean absorption time
meanFirstPassageTimeMean First Passage Time for irreducible Markov chains
meanNumVisitsMean num of visits for markovchain, starting at each state
meanRecurrenceTimeMean recurrence time
multinomialConfidenceIntervalsA function to compute multinomial confidence intervals of...
namesReturns the states for a Markov chain object
noofVisitsDistreturn a joint pdf of the number of visits to the various...
predictHommcSimulate a higher order multivariate markovchain
preproglucaconPreprogluccacon DNA protein bases sequences
probabilityatTCalculating probability from a ctmc object
rainAlofi island daily rainfall
rmarkovchainFunction to generate a sequence of states from homogeneous or...
salesSales Demand Sequences
setNameMethod to set name of markovchain object
statesDefined states of a transition matrix
statisticalTestsVarious functions to perform statistical inference of DTMC
steadyStatesStationary states of a 'markovchain' object
structuralAnalysisVarious function to perform structural analysis of DTMC
tm_absSingle Year Corporate Credit Rating Transititions
transition2GeneratorReturn the generator matrix for a corresponding transition...
transitionProbabilityFunction to get the transition probabilities from initial to...
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