Man pages for srvanderplas/ShoeAlignR
Image Alignment

align_imagesAlign two images
apply_homographApply homography to points in p
contour_ellipse_fitFit an ellipse to the boundary contour points
descriptor_orientationCalculate orientation of keypoint descriptors
ellipse_checkAssertions to check that an ellipse object has the correct...
ellipse_pointsReturn the boundary points of an ellipse
est_homographEstimate homography from points in P to points in p
halfimg_splitSplit an image in half along an axis, mirror the 2nd half of...
halfimg_unsplitPaste a split image back together, first mirroring the 2nd...
harris_cornersHarris Keypoint detector
harris_keypointsDetect keypoints using Harris corner detector, and find...
ImageAlignR-packageImageAlignR: Image Alignment
images_resizeFunction to make two images the same size by padding one...
img_checkCheck image to ensure it has the right type
img_rotate_refitRotate the image and re-fit the bounding ellipse
knn_pointsGet KNN for feature point matches
map_affine_genFunction to generate an affine transform
map_halfimgSplit an image in half along one or more axes, apply a...
oriented_gradientsFind most common gradients
outer_contourGet outer contour of the object
quantize_colorsLimit the number of colors in the image
ransacRobust homography estimation from p1 to p2.
region_centersGet centers of a set of labeled regions within an image
thin_contourThin outer contour by removing points overlappling radially...
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