Man pages for ssayols/rrvgo-ci
Reduce + Visualize GO

calculateSimMatrixcalculateSimMatrix Calculate the score similarity matrix...
getGoSizegetGoSize Get GO term size (# of genes)
getGoTermgetGoTerm Get the description of a GO term
gg_color_huegg_color_hue Emulate ggplot2 color palette.
heatmapPlotheatmapPlot Plot similarity matrix as a heatmap
loadOrgdbloadOrgdb Load an orgdb object
reduceSimMatrixreduceSimMatrix Reduce a set of GO terms based on their...
scatterPlotscatterPlot Plot GO terms as scattered points.
shiny_rrvgoshiny_rrvgo Launch an interactive web interface.
treemapPlottreemapPlot Plot GO terms as a treemap.
wordcloudPlotwordlcoudPlot Plot GO reduced terms as a wordcloud.
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