Man pages for sscogges/controlhet

bounds_bootBootstrapping upper and lower bounds
bounds_fitCausal inference with multiple versions of control
bounds_gradGradient of bounds function
bounds_vcovAsymptotic covariance matrix of the upper and lower bounds...
cace_bounds_gradGradient of upper and lower bounds on CACE
cace_vcovAsymptotic covariance matrix for upper and lower bounds on...
get_boundsFind upper and lower bounds for P(Y(1) | D(0) = 0, D(1) = 1)...
get_caceFind upper and lower bounds for the CACE
get_gcaceFind upper and lower bounds for the GCACE
get_observedprobObserved data quantities
model_testTesting model assumptions
observedprob_vcovAsymptotic covariance matrix for estimatates of P(Y = y, D =...
pointident_fitInference for Point Identified Quantities
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