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Miscellaneous Functions from M. Kohl

0MKmisc-packageMiscellaneous Functions from M. Kohl.
AUCCompute AUC
binomCIConfidence Intervals for Binomial Proportions
corDistCorrelation Distance Matrix Computation
corPlotPlot of similarity matrix based on correlation
fiveNSFive-Number Summaries
glogCompute Generalized Logarithm
heatmapColGenerate colors for heatmaps
HLgofTestHosmer-Lemeshow goodness of fit tests.
IQrangeThe Interquartile Range
madMatrixCompute MAD between colums of a matrix or data.frame
madPlotPlot of similarity matrix based on MAD
melt.longTransform data.frame to Long Form
mi.t.testMultiple Imputation Student's t-Test
normCIConfidence Intervals for Mean and Standard Deviation
oneWayAnovaA function for Analysis of Variance
optCutoffCompute the Optimal Cutoff for Binary Classification
or2rrTransform OR to RR
pairwiseAUCCompute pairwise AUCs
pairwiseFCCompute pairwise fold changes
pairwiseFunCompute pairwise values for a given function
pairwiselogFCCompute pairwise log-fold changes
perfMeasuresCompute Performance Measures for Binary Classification
power.diagnostic.testPower calculations for a diagnostic test
power.nb.testPower calculation for comparing two negative binomial rates
predValuesCompute PPV and NPV.
print.confintPrint Method for Confidence Intervals
qboxplotBox Plots
qbxp.statsBox Plot Statistics
quantileCIConfidence Intervals for Quantiles
repMeansCompute mean of replicated spots
risksCompute RR, OR, etc.
rrCICompute Approximate Confidence Interval for RR.
simCorVarsSimulate correlated variables.
simPlotPlot of a similarity matrix.
ssize.pccSample Size Planning for Developing Classifiers Using High...
stringDistFunction to compute distances between strings
stringSimFunction to compute similarity scores between strings
thyroidPlot TSH, fT3 and fT4 with respect to reference range.
traceBackFunction to trace back
transformationsNew Transformations for Use with ggplot2 Package
twoWayAnovaA function for Analysis of Variance
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