Man pages for stat385uiuc/demo-sneaker-project
Obtain and Forecast Sneaker Market Data

data_for_predictionModel and Visualize Sneaker Prices
data_for_visualizationVisualize a Single Sneaker Prices
data_for_visualization2Visualize Two Sneaker Prices
directLocate Sneaker Item
get_infoRetrieves Sneaker Information
get_pictureRetrieve Sneaker Picture
get_tableRetrieve Sneaker Price Table
handle_rawdataImport Raw Data in SQL Data Base
pipePipe operator
run_sneakersLaunch Sneakers Shiny Application
scrape_sneaker_infoScrape Sneaker Pricing
search_websiteSearch the Sneaker Website for Sneaker Data
sneakers-packagesneakers: Obtain and Forecast Sneaker Market Data
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