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Introduction to Data Visualisation and Web Applications Using R

By: Osama Mahmoud, Luke A. McGuinness and Chris Penfold

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This page provides materials and practicals of the data visualisation course held at the University of Bristol, November 2019.

Installing the BristolVis package

The course uses a variety of data examples, R packages and practical sheets. The easiest way of downloading and installing all dependencies is to install the R package associated with this course, named 'BristolVis'. It can be simply installed by running the following code lines into your R session.


Course Materials:

Usage of practicals via BristolVis

The practical exercises and their solutions can be displayed via the BristolVis package using:

vignette("prac_IntroR", package = "BristolVis")
vignette("prac_base", package = "BristolVis")
vignette("prac_advanced", package = "BristolVis")
vignette("prac_AdvMore", package = "BristolVis")
vignette("prac_interactive", package = "BristolVis")
vignette("prac_RMarkdown", package = "BristolVis")
vignette("prac1_shiny", package = "BristolVis")
vignette("prac2_shiny", package = "BristolVis")
vignette("prac3_shiny", package = "BristolVis")
vignette("prac4_shiny", package = "BristolVis")

Solutions of some of these practical exercises can be displayed via the BristolVis package as follows:

vignette("ans_IntroR", package = "BristolVis")
vignette("ans_base", package = "BristolVis")
vignette("ans_advanced", package = "BristolVis")
vignette("ans_AdvMore", package = "BristolVis")
vignette("ans_interactive", package = "BristolVis")

Other resources

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