Man pages for statisfactions/playitbyr
Representing and exploring data through sound

add-sonifyAdd additional layers or options onto sonify objects
checkSonifyCheck if a 'sonify' object can be rendered
expscaleCreate a exponential parameter scaling with given minimum and...
getDefaultSettingsGet the default settings and scalings for a given sonlayer...
getScoreInternal functions to generate output 'data.frame' from a...
getShapeDefGet the 'shapeDef' object for a shape
getSoundParamsGet and check currently possible sound parameters.
internalsonifyInternal functions related to layering and rendering
linearscaleCreate a linear parameter scaling with given minimum and...
octToFreqConvert from csound-style oct notation for pitches to...
print.sonifyPrint method for 'sonify' objects
renderRender a sonification score to sound
render.csoundRendering sound using csound
scale_attkp_continuousContinuous scales for note attacks
scale_decayp_continuousContinuous note decay scales
scale_dur_continuousContinuous note duration scales
scale_identityUse values without scaling
scale_indx_continuousContinuous modulation index scales
scale_mod_continuousContinuous modulation multiplier scales
scale_pan_continuousContinuous pan scales
scale_pitch_continuousContinuous pitch scales
scale_tempo_continuousContinuous tempo scales
scale_time_continuousContinuous scales for note starting times
scale_vol_continuousContinuous note volume scales
scorePreprocessorGeneric method for preprocessing score layers
scorePreprocessor.boxplotScore preprocessing for shape 'boxplot'
scorePreprocessor.csoundScore preprocessing for shape 'csound'
scorePreprocessor.dotplotScore preprocessing for shape 'dotplot'
scorePreprocessor.histogramScore preprocessing for shape 'histogram'
scorePreprocessor.scatterScore preprocessing for shape 'scatter'
shape_boxplotCreate a boxplot layer
shape_csoundCreate arbitrary csound layer
shape_descriptionsShow the names and descriptions of all available shapes
shape_dotplotCreate a dotplot layer
shape_histogramCreate a histogram layer
shape_scatterCreate a scatterplot layer
sonaesCreate mappings and parameters for sonification objects
sonfacetSimple faceting
sonifyCreate sonification objects
sonlayerCreating individual layers for sonify objects
sonoptsSonification rendering options
sonsaveSave sonifications to an audio file
sonscalingSetting scales for 'sonify' objects
summary.sonifySummary method for sonify objects
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