Man pages for statist7/sitar
Super Imposition by Translation and Rotation Growth Curve Analysis

anova.sitarCompare Likelihoods of Fitted SITAR Objects
apv_seBootstrap standard errors for SITAR peak velocity and age at...
berkeleyThe Berkeley Child Guidance Study
BICadjWays to compare SITAR models for fit
bupdateUpdate the b fixed effect to minimise the b-c random effect...
cLMSLMS conversion to and from z-scores
codeplotPlot and zap velocity outliers in growth curves
dfpowerTabulate BIC of SITAR models by degrees of freedom and xy...
dfsetFind degrees of freedom for a natural spline curve to...
funcallFunction call with optional inverse
getData.sitarExtract elements of fitted SITAR models
getPeakTroughIdentify peaks and troughs of curve
heightsSerial heights measured in 12 girls
ifunInvert an expression defining a data transformation
lms2zConvert to/from measurement from/to z-score with growth...
LMSfitEstimate LMS curves from tabulated growth reference centiles
mplotPlot multiple growth curves
pdLMSPlot frequency distributions(s) for given L, M and S values...
plotcleanPlot multiple growth curves to identify outliers
plot.sitarPlot SITAR model
predict.sitarPredict SITAR model
print.sitarPrint SITAR model
print.summary.sitarPrint summary of SITAR model
recalibRecalibrate x, y data using SITAR random effects
sitarFit SITAR growth curve model
sitar-packageSITAR (SuperImposition by Translation And Rotation) growth...
subsampleSample from SITAR dataset
summary.sitarCreate summary of SITAR model
timegapSelect equally spaced ages from a vector of ages
uk90UK 1990 growth reference
ukwhoptUK-WHO growth reference including preterm
veloutIdentify outliers with abnormal velocity in growth curves
who06The WHO 2006 growth standard
xaxsdPar args xaxs and yaxs option d
xyadjAdjust x and y variables for SITAR random effects
z2centExpress z-scores as centile character strings for plotting
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