Man pages for statistikat/simPop
Simulation of Synthetic Populations for Survey Data Considering Auxiliary Information

addKnownMarginsadd known margins/totals
addWeightsMethods for function 'addWeights'
calibPopCalibration of 0/1 weights by Simulated Annealing
calibSampleCalibrate sample weights
calibVarsConstruct a matrix of binary variables for calibration
contingencyWtWeighted contingency coefficients
correctHeapsCorrect age heaping
dataObj-classClass '"dataObj"'
eusilc13pufSynthetic EU-SILC 2013 survey data
eusilcPSynthetic EU-SILC data
eusilcSSynthetic EU-SILC survey data
getBreaksCompute break points for categorizing (semi-)continuous...
getCatCategorize (semi-)continuous variables
get_set-methodsExtract and modify variables from population or sample data...
ghanaSSynthetic GLSS survey data
ipuiterative proportional updating
ipu2Iterative Proportional Updating
kishFactorKish Factor
manageSimPopObjget and set variables from population or sample data stored...
quantileWtWeighted sample quantiles
sampHHSample households from given microdata.
silcToolsUtility functions for socio-economic data sets
silcTools2Utility functions for EU-SILC data
simCategoricalSimulate categorical variables of population data
simComponentsSimulate components of continuous variables of population...
simContinuousSimulate continuous variables of population data
simEUSILCSimulate EU-SILC population data
simInitSpatialGeneration of smaller regions given an existing spatial...
simple_disSimple generation of new variables
simPopObj-classClass '"simPopObj"'
simPop-packageSimulation of Synthetic Populations for Survey Data...
simRelationSimulate categorical variables of population data
simStructureSimulate the household structure of population data
spBwplotWeighted box plots
spBwplotStatsWeighted box plot statistics
spCdf(Weighted empirical) cumulative distribution function
spCdfplotPlot weighted cumulative distribution functions
specifyInputcreate an object of class 'dataObj' required for further...
spMosaicMosaic plots of expected and realized population sizes
spragueSprague index (multipliers)
spTableCross tabulations of expected and realized population sizes.
tableWtWeighted cross tabulation
totalsRGPopulation totals Region times Gender for Austria 2006
utilityUtility measures
weighted_estimatorsWeighted mean, variance, covariance matrix and correlation...
whippleWhipple index (original and modified)
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